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February 19, 2017

In a surprise move, Connectix announced today that Microsoft will be acquiring Virtual PC for Mac, Virtual PC for Windows and the yet-to-be-released Virtual Server product. In the official press release Connectix indicates that all three products will continue to be developed and supported by Microsoft.

Users have speculated wildly about the motivation for this deal. Conspiracy theories abound. However, those of us at VPCCentral think this could mean great things for the future of Virtual PC.

The Mac version of Virtual PC is reportedly moving to Microsoft's Mac Business Unit in Mountain View, CA. The Windows version of Virtual PC and Virtual Server will be moving to the core Windows group in Redmond, WA. Some of Connectix’s engineering staff is reportedly going to be hired by Microsoft and will continue to develop and maintain the products.

December 30, 2016

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Two weeks ago (Dec. 18), Connectix released the long-awaited Virtual PC 6 which offers relief to users who have been yearning for better emulated performance within Mac OS X. In addition to a reported 25% speed increase, VPC 6 offers the following features:

  • Integrated dock-based “start menu” (a Windows-like start menu appears in the Mac OS X dock!)
  • Dock icon integration (Windows applications appear in the dock when they are launched)
  • Hard drive Finder mounting (review the contents of a VM’s hard drive from within the Mac OS X Finder)
  • Support for 8MB and 16MB emulated VRAM settings (for large resolutions including the 23" Apple Cinema Display)
  • Self-contained virtual machine configurations (preferences and hard drive images are stored in a package)

The speed increase requires Mac OS X 10.2.3. Apple reportedly incorporated several modifications to the OS that VPC 6 takes advantage of. The performance increase over VPC 5 is quite noticeable and appears to exceed 25% in many cases.

April 8, 2016

What Are Some Cloud Backup Options To Consider in 2016 and beyond ?

There are many options available to backup your pc. External hard drives, for example, are a popular option among many people. After plugging in your hard drive, it behaves like a normal, internal hard drive would, making it simple to make backups of files that you want to keep. However, these are still prone to electrical surges, magnetic fields, and physical trauma; solid state drives solve the physical trauma problem, and boast very high speeds, but are still prone to magnets and power surges, as well as quite expensive.
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So what other options are there? Well, one option is to backup your files to "the cloud." The cloud is a term used to describe a server cluster located somewhere else in the world that you access through the internet to either store or retrieve data. The word comes from a description of how networks are diagrammed on paper; when a connection goes to the internet from a local network, that connection is drawn not to a picture of a computer, hub, or other network component, but to a picture of, wait for it, a cloud. Backing up files to the cloud is probably one of the safest things you can do to protect your data, as it sends your data off-site, isolating it from any problem you might experience at your computer's location. Also, your data is sent to multiple servers, and multiple copies are created, ensuring that it is always available should one server go down. One of the best services around I have found for this is Carbonite.com, When it comes to data protection they stand on top of the world and have a really good pricing structure also , for example you can Carbonite Personal Backup called "Personal Basic" for As low as $42 per year , thats just 11.5 cents per day for amazing protection of all your files.On top of that you can visit one of their partner sites and save an additional 10 to 20 %.
Cloud Backup is more secure than backing up an external hard drive, as the latter is susceptible to get destroyed in the case of a fire in the home, or a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake. In any of those situations, if your computer is destroyed then so is your external hard drive, which may be stored nearby.

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How Can Network Backup Software Help You ?
Since you're probably going to be paying for a backup service for years, you should know from the start what you're getting into in terms of money. They're all subscription-based, and there are many ways the vendors slice and dice the fees to make them seem appealing. Some backup services list prices by the month, but those prices often only apply if you commit to a one- or two-year contract. Some offer completely free accounts with lower storage allotments, but many only offer time-limited free trial accounts. Some online backup services' prices only cover one PC, while others specify a number of machines you can use in one account. Still others cover unlimited PCs, but limit the amount of data you can back up to the cloud server storage. To level the price playing field, we list the vendor's principal stated plan for one year of service at the top of each review. Security is often a priority for these companies, and therefore you should rest at ease when you are investing in one of these services, as your data security is often the number one priority. If you are concerned, speak to cloud storage providers about the measures they take to protect your documents and information from being accessed by others.

In regards to worrying about whether or not you will lose data by accident, many cloud storage services have an inbuilt disaster recovery facility, allowing people to recover their important data even if the system or software has a fault. Again, this is a top priority for these service providers, and certainly not something that users of such a service should ever be too concerned about. Consumers who are unfamiliar with using pc backup cloud should take their time and compare the different companies. Backup cloud reviews can help to narrow down which would be the best to work with.

Consumers need not to just look at the reviews to make a determination. Also look at what the provider offers. How much room do they offer? Do they restrict the file size? What may seem like a great choice could be too restrictive for a particular need. Once research is completed it is as simple as signing up with the chosen company and downloading their software client. Then the process just includes uploading the files to be saved and following the software protocol to copy the information to the online servers.

Connectix today released the 5.0 version of Virtual PC for Windows. The updated version provides the following features:

  • Major performance increases - especially for Windows NT, 2000 and XP
  • An updated motherboard chipset (440BX)
  • Official support for OS/2 guests
  • Increased RAM support (up to 1GB per virtual machine)

The speed increase is amazing! Plus, it’s a free update for all registered users.

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