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Contact Information

Virtual PC Central is dedicated to reporting news about Virtual PC and
bringing together Virtual PC customers to discuss issues related to the product.

Contact Information

We welcome feedback from everyone in the Virtual PC community.

To report problems, provide comments, ask questions, etc., please email us at feedback@vpccentral.com.

You may also want to interact directly with other visitors to the site through our Virtual PC chat forums.

Feedback Information

We enjoy hearing from Virtual PC Central visitors, and we appreciate feedback of any type: questions, tips, hints, bug reports, rumors, corrections, clarifications, advice, etc.

When you email with feedback, we will assume that your comments are OK to post unless otherwise noted in your message. Please provide your name (as you wish it to appear on the site). Also, let us know if itís OK to post your email address so other visitors can respond directly to you.

If you are reporting performance numbers, bug reports, etc., please include information about your configuration including your hardware setup, MacOS version, Virtual PC version, and any other relevant information.

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