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Virtual PC Links

Below are a collection of links to other sites that contain Virtual PC
information, reviews, message boards, etc. Please email Virtual PC Central if
would like to see additional links listed here.

Virtual PC Tips, Reviews & Message Boards

Connectix Knowledge Database — This database, maintained by Connectix, contains hundreds of useful VPC-related tips and tricks.

Connectix User Forums — These are the official user forums for Virtual PC. Connectix support staff and engineers often make appearances on these forums, so it’s a great way to get your questions answered.

MacFixIt — This site contains tips for nearly every piece of software and hardware related to the Mac. Their interactive forums are a great place to post questions and receive answers about software and hardware problems.

Macintouch — Another great site for following Mac news and finding solutions to Mac-related problems.

MacWindows — A site dedicated to discussing issues involving Mac / Windows integration.

Emulation.net — A great site for Mac-based emulators of every type. It contains a great review of Virtual PC including screen shots and comparisons to other Mac-based PC emulators.

XLR8YourMac — Discusses ways to improve the speed of Virtual PC and upgrade your Mac hardware.

TidBits — Contains up-to-date Mac news, with a great searchable archive of past stories.

Purchasing Virtual PC

Virtual PC can be purchased on many on-line software vendors, including the following sites. Or you can search for the best price by clicking here.

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