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Virtual Disk Assistant

The virtual disk assistant provides a number of functions for examining, creating and modifying hard drive images and floppy images.

Virtual PC “hard drives” are stored in the form of files that live on your Mac’s hard drive. These files, which can be gigabytes in size, represent all of the contents of the PC’s virtual hard drive(s).

There are two main types of hard drive images:

Fixed-size Drives

These image files are as large as the size of the virtual hard disk they represent. They never grow once they are created. For example, if you create a 2GB fixed-size drive, a 2GB file will be created on your Mac’s hard drive.

Dynamically-growing Drives

These image files start out very small and grow as information is stored to them. A 2GB virtual hard drive may be represented as a file as small as several megabytes. As information is added to this hard drive, the file will grow — up to its maximum size of 2GB.

The opening pane of the Virtual Disk Assistant offers the choice between examining/modifying and creating new drive images.

If you decide to examine/modify a drive image, the following panel will be displayed. It offers information about the drive image and any operations that can be made on the image (conversion, expansion, optimization, etc.)

If you create a new hard drive image, the assistant will ask a number of questions (e.g. which operating system you intend to use the drive with). In the end, it will offer a suggested drive type. Clicking on “Create Drive” will initiate the drive creation.

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